Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Blogger Challenge 5 : a letter to someone, anyone.

Rasa zaman dulu dulu pulak main surat surat tapi tak apa aku tak akan bagi pada manusia yang lain sebab aku rasa aku nak bagi surat untuk :


relevant kan :(

Dear Syadiya, 
If you read this in the future,
You should know your current self would be so proud of you.

Maybe you will read this in 3,4 or maybe more years, but I know you will grow as an important girl/woman & your study, your work hard will be paid off.

Thanks for not give up on yourself, on us.
Embrace yourself, follow the flow. If you still remember your fault, you should  know it's okay because we are human lah :D

Thanks for fly high, thanks for being strong. 
Remember to save your money, hang nak beli rumah besaq kan! So do you get it now? Do tell me you get it okay?

Last last, your current self harap you will get any type of surgery to remove your chicken pox punya scar ahahaha and jerawat hang dah hilang in your future self!! ( i mean you got clear skin)

and i hope you're not that crazy as you used to be now.

Salam sayang, your current self, syadiya.