Saturday, 18 February 2023


Hey ladies! It is quite common that we girls have an excessive amount of clothing right? I am aware that I am not the only person with such a limitless desire. Dress, blouse, and other items are typically given top priority. Nevertheless, have we given women's body shaper as our top priority? Women body shaper is actually extremely vital for us to own because it helps us get in shape and helps to make our bodies look nice and firm. As we are sometimes so lazy, going out to a walk-in store only to buy body shapers may be a hassle for us. But don't fret, ladies; I'll make you shop for body-shaping clothing as easy as ABC at Shapellx using only your smartphone or laptop.

With discounts that they offer, it is really worth every penny to buy the shapewear here. The body shapewear that Shapellx offer comes in so many varieties that it might be difficult to choose which to purchase; for that reason, I'd like to suggest a few of them. Have a peek at it now.

1.    Short Shapewear


Shorts with a high waist can never go wrong because they are the best option if burning is a problem. Full-coverage short shapewear like this aid in concealing the line of your underwear. It is ideal for any circumstances and, obviously, will increase your confidence. Wearing this when you need to go to the toilet will be no issue since the panty bottom has hook and eye closures that allow you to adjust the length.

2. Tummy Shaper

The second one that is best to get in shape is tummy shaper. It’s in a high-quality cloth that can rapidly tighten excess fat around the waist and shape the tummy. Your posture when walking and sitting will be considerably improved by wearing this. Also, it will create an attractive body shape because this sort of body shapewear is effective at managing the stomach. You will not regret buying this as it is the best tummy control bodysuit to invest in. 


There is no reason to look less than your absolute best, whether you are wearing shapewear for work or other occasions. Which one of these shapewear will you test-drive and purchase soon? Do tell me😊


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Friday, 12 November 2021

Cara unlock course hero (bayar below RM1)


lama dah aku tak update blog story story sikit sebab aku lazy =')

Disebabkan sekarang dah masuk new semester, jadinya mestilah ada berlungguk assignments and tercari cari dekat mana nak rujuk certain questions. Aku very tak reti ya nak unlock course hero, so caranya adalah:

"Unlock it thru shopee"

Btw ni bukan entri berbayar tau weh. Yang senangkan diri aku, memang aku share. Hahaha

So caranya, unlock jee thru shopee. Maksudnya, you guys boleh beli pakai shopee. Aku selalu beli dekat shopee @popcatstudy for only 86 sen untuk satu pdf.


1. Klik beli
2. Contact seller
3. Kasi email and link course hero yang kita nak unlock.
4. Tak lama lepastu, diorang akan emel kita the pdf  =)

Easy as satu dua tiga weh.

Ni contoh aku chat seller berkenaan. 

Semoga membantu =) <3