Friday, 12 November 2021

Cara unlock course hero (bayar below RM1)


lama dah aku tak update blog story story sikit sebab aku lazy =')

Disebabkan sekarang dah masuk new semester, jadinya mestilah ada berlungguk assignments and tercari cari dekat mana nak rujuk certain questions. Aku very tak reti ya nak unlock course hero, so caranya adalah:

"Unlock it thru shopee"

Btw ni bukan entri berbayar tau weh. Yang senangkan diri aku, memang aku share. Hahaha

So caranya, unlock jee thru shopee. Maksudnya, you guys boleh beli pakai shopee. Aku selalu beli dekat shopee @popcatstudy for only 86 sen untuk satu pdf.


1. Klik beli
2. Contact seller
3. Kasi email and link course hero yang kita nak unlock.
4. Tak lama lepastu, diorang akan emel kita the pdf  =)

Easy as satu dua tiga weh.

Ni contoh aku chat seller berkenaan. 

Semoga membantu =) <3

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

For Girls, Lover-Beauty is The Best Website for Us to Go Shopping and Go Shape!

 Hi girls! It is normal right for us a girl, to have a lot lot lotttt of clothes.  I know I am not the only one who have unlimited wants like this. Most of us always prioritize dress, blouse and others. But have us prioritize the need of women body shaper shapewear? It is very important actually for us to own women body shaper shapewear because it helps us get in shape as well as to makes our body straight and firm. Going to walk-in shop might be a burden for us just to get body shaper shapewear as we are in covid-19 situation. But no worries girls, I will make you shop body shaper shapewear just on your phone and laptop at Lover-Beauty. For those who does not know what is Lover-Beauty is, it is actually an online shop which sell variety of women body shaper shapewear. Almost everything at Lover-Beauty surely will meet our expectation and satisfaction as a girl who wants to feel confident.

By the way, Lover-Beauty is absolutely the best online shop for girls to shop because they not only sell body shaper shapewear but they also sell sportswear. Of course it is in a high quality and best to be wear. Let’s take a look on some of it.

Lover-Beauty sells cheap shapewear which is really comfortable to wear as they used breathable fabric that helps smoothen those unwanted lumps when wearing it. Plus, body shapers quite famous now and convenient to wear because as a woman, we really want to be in a good shape and the best way is to wear a shapewear. All shapewears from Lover-Beauty are very very veryyyy elegant and sophisticated as it comes with a lace on a the thigh and the best part is that the size is up to 6XL!


Sportswear is really a must and a need when you want to jog, exercise, or even do yoga because without it, you must feel uncomfortable wearing a random cloth. Don’t worry because Lover-Beauty sells wholesale sportswear. The fabric is the best because you can stretch for a perfect fit.

By telling you guys, I think it is enough reason why you girls need to shop on Lover-Beauty now. Trust me , you will not regret shopping there! 

Thanks for reading, salam sayang, syadiya xoxo.